Beaches in Laveno Mombello: Cerro and Ceresolo

In Laveno Mombello, province of Varese, there are two beaches most frequented by the locals, in Cerro and Ceresolo. In the article you will find photos, descriptions and a short video.

The town of Laveno Mombello overlooks Lake Maggiore and many of its shores are open-access. Leaving aside the area of ​​Sasso Galletto, who despite being spectacular does not guarantee absolute security to be below a limestone wall, and also leaving out the part  toward  Luino, where often the grass is not cut , sunbathers can, continuing on the road that goes to 69 Leggiuno, head to Cerro or Ceresolo.
In Cerro, where once lived the fishermen, there is a swimming beach with a wide sandy area and a long stretch of grass.
There are bars, services, games for children and a large parking lot for a fee on summer days.
From the center of Cerro walk, heading towards the main church you arrive in a small cove where there are also rocks.
Continuing in the car on the main road, towards Leggiuno, in Ceresolo you reach a small parking lot that leads to two tiny beaches, more sand, and free swimming but no facilities.

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