Massage parlours in the province of Varese

Where can I have a rubdown? For a massage that must be relaxing or esthetic, you can contact any good aesthetic center, but for sports or rehabilitation massages you need to contact specialists. Here you will find a list of parlours round Varese that can meet all your needs.

We know well that there are various types of massage: mainly relaxing massage, sports massage, rehabilitation massage and aesthetic massage. Then there are several techniques that make the specialty even more complex and varied.
In general aesthetic centers are practiced relaxing and aesthetic massages, but in specialized centers certainly the range of types is wider and such to meet individual needs. Here you usually find a list of massage centers divided between beauty salon and massage parlours, in alphabetical order of locations. The list is continually updated.

Beauty Salon

Mudra Centro Benessere a Busto Arsizio
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Via Gela, 5
0331 621994

Life Village & Terme Gallarate (Gallarate)
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa | Gym  |Swimming pool |
Life Village
Via XX Settembre, 14
21013 Gallarate
TEL: 03311852014

Shanti Spa a Lonate Pozzolo
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa | Courses
Via Vecchia per Castano, 62
21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
Tel: +39 0331 660 111

Centro Estetico Pescanoce a Olgiate Olona
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Centro Estetico Pescanoce
via Piave 77 21057 Olgiate Olona
Tel 0331/375971

MO.OM Hotel Spa a Olgiate Olona
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
MO.OM Hotel Spa
via San Francesco d’Assisi, 15
21057 Olgiate Olona
VA – Italy
Tel. +39 0331 327511

Exit Spa Experience a Saronno
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa | Cosmetic Medicine
Exit Spa Experience
Viale Lombardia 76
21047 Saronno
t: +39 02 36726163

Estetica Relax Time a Somma Lombardo
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa | Gym
via Alberto da Somma 24/A, 21019 Somma Lombardo
+39 0331 256396

Villa Borghi Wellness Beauty & SPA a Varano Borghi
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Hotel Villa Borghi
Piazzetta Borghi, 1 – 21020 Varano Borghi (Varese) – ITALY
tel. +39 0332.961515

Ad Personam spa di Varese
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Ad Personam Varese
P.zza Giovanni XXIII, 15
T. 0332 23 63 66

Olympus Avant Spa di Varese
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Olympus Avant a Varese
via Luigi Pirandello, 31
Telefono 0332 823351
Olympus Avant a Gallarate
via Toscana 15 Gallarate
Tel. 0331 772727

B&B Center di Sartori Barbara
Aesthetics | Massages | Spa
Via Caracciolo, 23 – 21100 Varese


Massage Parlours

Medicenter Bustese a Busto Arsizio
Estetica | Massaggi | Spa | Medicina e Chirurgia estetica | Servizi medici
Viale Stelvio, 125
21052 Busto Arsizio VA

Salute e Bellezza, di Maurizio Colombo
Centro di riabilitazione a Busto Arsizio
Via XI Febbraio, 2D
333 740 4866

Crespi Giuseppe Massaggio-terapista
Via S. Gregorio, 4 Busto Arsizio
0331 323252

Furong centro massaggi tuina a Busto Arsizio
Corso Italia, 64
366 256 9963

Centro Benessere Tuina a Busto Arsizio
Viale delle Rimembranze, 9
333 718 7186

Daniel Dell’Orto Gavirate(VA)
Via Priore n°28 tel. 3478526353

Jiva Emotional Spa a Gorla Minore
Via Garibaldi 36
21055 Gorla Minore (VA)
(+39) 0331.603464

E.R.A. Nuad Thai – Massaggio Thailandese Tradizionale a Morazzone
Massaggi Thai
E.R.A. Nuad Thai
Via Caronno Varesino, 84
21040 Morazzone (VA)
Tel: 0332/461687
Cell: 334/3491298

Dr. Jean-François GARRIGUES, D.C.
Piazza Giovanni XXIII, 13 a Varese
Tel: 0332280696

Sara Chieregato
Esperto di riflessologia a Varese, Italia
Indirizzo: Varese VA
Telefono: 340 539 4501

Centro Massaggi Xiang Gan Lila Di Wu Meiliu
Viale Padre G. B. Aguggiari, 11, 21100 Varese
Telefono: 331 729 8108

Osteopata D.O. Maurizia Bonetti a Varese
Via S. Michele Arcangelo, 6, 21100 Varese VA
Telefono: 333 365 5626

Armonia Estetica e Benessere
Via Ulisse Merini, 43, 21100 Varese VA
Telefono: 0332 240528


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