Reno and Arolo, beaches in Leggiuno near Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso

If you are in Leggiuno to visit the famous Hermitage of Santa Caterina, then you can enjoy a walk or sunbathe on the beaches of the Reno and Arolo. Here you will find pictures and a short video.

Leggiuno is a characteristic lombardy town of Lake Maggiore with many villages scattered over the hills and on the lake.
The two villages that overlook the lake are Reno and Arolo offering two beautiful beaches for vacationers, with bar, showers and games for children. Between these two places there is the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso… what better time to visit it? In Reno there is some difficulty in parking along the lake, and you should leave the car in the above areas, but once you get there, you will find a beautiful marina with sand and small pebbles, with shower. Even in Arolo it’s not easy to find parking on the lakefront, and you should leave the car in the public parking in the town center and then walk the beautiful stone staircase and the narrow streets of the old houses. On the lakeside there is a public park with a paved beach and grass and an angle of sand where children can play in peace and security. In the Park there is a bar, open only in the summer months, with showers and toilets.

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