The market of Luino on Lake Maggiore, worldly and Cosmopolitan

If you would like  to do business and to make savings, breathe the atmosphere of the past and enjoy the beauty of Lake Maggiore, you have to come to the market in Luino!

The weekly market of Luino is the most famous of Lake Maggiore because it is very large, with over 350 stalls, and is the oldest in the province of Varese.  It was authorized on 5 September 1541 by Charles V at the request of the Counts Rusca di Luino following the intercession of his friend Conte Giacomo Mandelli di Maccagno. Initially the market was held alternately in Maccagno and Luino, then at a certain point it was only organized in Luino.

However, for more than 550 years until now, every Wednesday and throughout the day (until about 4 pm), the pretty lakeside town welcomes the market that attracts tourists and buyers, especially foreigners, coming mainly from Switzerland and Germany.

Here you find everything and at really low prices: “In Switzerland it’s difficult to find  something  at 1 euro, the amazing thing here is that you can do the deal, buy nice things at prices that we dream” – confides a Swiss tourist aficionado frequentatrice of the market, which adds: “We can spend a good day shopping, eating a good pizza by the lake, enjoying the heat … for me and my friends on Wednesdays in Luino are a panacea! We have fun spending very little! “.

For one day a week, especially in the summer months, Luino is therefore literally “invaded” by the lovers of the occasions with their cars and buses that take possession of practically all the streets and squares near the lake. A pleasant confusion which, fortunately, does not seem to be affected by the current economic crisis.

The market was also a source of inspiration for Piero Chiara, writer of Luino, with ironic and carefree stories and novels.

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