Walking in Caravate between the good things of the past

Caravate (VA) is a small city with some beautiful places, here you find small description of them.

Once, if you said Caravate you said Inda bathroom accessories industry .
Now that Inda has closed his factories, Caravate is a village of less than 3000 inhabitants recognizable to most people, because of the presence of the cement plant and quarry Colacem attached, that draw raw material from the mountain. But Caravate has not always been so , and the signs of a past of all prestige can be seen nearby.
On one hand, the steep slope of Mount Sangiano , with Sasso Poiano that stands with the flag, and on the other, the plain of Caravate with communal green area, the riding of Castelverde and the Mill of the Friars . The interesting things are right on one side and down the street , at two different levels , that are combined thanks to a steep stone staircase that seems to suggest that the return to the union and harmony is possible, but requires effort and commitment.
Leaving the highway behind a heavy , climb from this road and you will come to the desecrated oratory of S. Augustine, now home to art exhibitions. From the documents it is understood that in the Middle Ages this church was the property of the Monastery of Pavia di San Pietro in Ciel d’Oro , and later came under the parish of Cuvio which belongs to the Diocese of Como. This is for this reason that the carnival is celebrated in Caravate a week before the others, because it follows the Roman Rite , not the Ambrosian one.
The oratorio has two apses instead of one. How so? Probably because it was modified several times in the march of time .
The attention to detail both in the exterior walls ( two walls and the eastern apse are punctuated by large pilasters , separated by double hanging arches , and are enhanced by arches and corbels pointed shape at tuff ) than in the interiors late Romanesque frescoes (late thirteenth century ) confirms that it was a church of some importance in the area.
It’s incredibile that in the 70s it was also used as a nursery, and there was a closet where once there were frescoes!
A little further on we come to the Parish of Saints John and Maurice (1931) . San Maurizio is a holy “warrior” , much revered in Switzerland for refusing to persecute Christians as he ordered the Emperor Maximian.
In little more than half an hour you can face another uphill , bypassing the Sasso Poiano , to get to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso of the Passionist Fathers , with an interesting façade frescoes of the sixteenth century . In the park of the monastery still stands the Stations of the Cross Innocente Salvini, open to the public during the Easter period. From here you have a general view of the quarry of the cement , which passes close to a path that leads up to the top of Mount Sangiano .
On the way, you pass in front of Villa Letizia , which was the home of the painter  Siro Penagini , a friend of Salvini, and then home to a nursing home for the blind. Now the building is uninhabited but from the outside you can see the white walls and modern adjoining the church , dedicated to Saint Lucia , the work of Luciano Baldesari in 1962 and winner of many architectural awards.
The lower part of the country is characterized by forests and wide grassy clearings; it has been recently built a training track for cyclists and there are an equestrian center and an artificial lake for sport fishing . Privately owned but open to visitors on request, there is also the Mill of the Friars, still working perfectly.

Country walks/ Comune di Caravate (VA)
Duration: about 1 h
Length: about 1 km
Difficulty: none

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