A Brissago Valtravaglia there is RAF, a shelter supporting abandoned animals

A Brissago Valtravaglia there is RAF, a shelter supporting abandoned animals

The province of Varese is rich in woods, farms and agritourisms, and lends itself to welcoming animals of different species. But in Brissago Valtravaglia, a few kilometers from Luino and Lake Maggiore, you will find a special reality: the RAF, “Rifugio Animali Felici” (Happy animals Shelter), managed by Mr. Giancarlo Galli.

The idea is as simple as it is wonderful: to offer a place to stay for the many abandoned or abused animals that otherwise would not know where to go.

And it is not just cats and dogs, but also horses, sheep, goats and there are also wild boars, geese, chickens, guinea pigs and fawns.
These are animals that escaped slaughter or hunting, but also small critters that someone wanted to get rid of in a cruel way.
The whim of many families, to have an animal around the house, often and willingly translates, in the space of a few months, into the decision to discard it, as if it were an object and not a living being. The very fact of conceiving an animal as a “gift” is in itself a wrong thought, because an animal, even as small as a goldfish or a hamster, cannot be a gift, because it presupposes a daily commitment and dedication that not everyone can guarantee, for the most diverse reasons.

Mr. Giancarlo Galli, who retired a few years ago, decided to dedicate his free time to this particular mission, that is to organize a space where to welcome, care for and feed all abandoned animals or victims of mistreatment.

The RAF Shelter is located in Brissago Valtravaglia in via Via Pra Formentone 10 / A21030 and can be visited by appointment. You can call 335 536 6298 or fill out a form on the website http://www.rifugioanimalifelici.it/

The structure continually needs support from everyone, given that it is a private initiative.
On the website you will find a way to make a donation, adopt your favorite from a distance or even become a volunteer.