Along the creek Monvallina, between Turro’s Mill and Lake Maggiore

Monvalle, province of Varese. The peculiarity of the stream that we are going to explore is to be born in Orino with a name, Viganella, and emptying into Lake Maggiore with another one: Monvallina.

It is a full-fledged river having a constant flow: is 12 kilometers long and a half and its bed varies from 1 to 3 meters.
In the past it had a lot of importance for the inhabitants, since it provided for drinking and being navigable, it was used by fishermen to go directly to the banks of the Piedmont region. Many mills were built because of the slope and the many loops that characterize it : in Gemonio there is the mill of Museum Salvini, in Monvalle there is the Turro’s mill , well-preserved example of industrial archeology.
Around the Monvallina , in Monvalle , several trails were plotted throught the woods and the reeds along the lake: they bring to Gurèe , definitely the place most known and loved by the inhabitants of the area.
The City of Monvalle is directly affected by SCI / SPA ” Reeds Lake Maggiore ” and ” Swamp Draft Monvallina ” for an area of ​​approximately 6.7 hectares.  Walking in silence, and maybe in the early morning , it will not be difficult to spot , on the banks of the lake, coots, moorhens , mallards , egrets and herons .  In the forest , among the trees , you will find great tits, blue tits , robins, long-tailed tits , nuthatches , creepers . In the bushes and hide in the bushes wrens , warblers and blackbirds .  The lucky ones can spot squirrels, mice , larvicole , hedgehogs , dormice and octopus .  A study of the Province of Varese attests to the presence of the river roach , dace , gudgeons , gobies Po and trout.


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