Beaches in Castelveccana – Lake Maggiore

Among the most beautiful beaches on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore is the beach of the Fornaci (furnaces) in Castelveccana. Here you can see it in a video and in suggestive photographs.

A Castelveccana is a village in the Varese province; in its centre a small wooden bridge over the creek Froda leads from the parking directly to the beach of Fornaci (another beaches where are furnaces is in Ispra and in Porto valtravaglia). After years of hesitation, the Municipality of Castelveccana in 2007 upgraded this beautiful stretch of public beach, ensuring clear waters and sweeping lawns, for free, to all those who want to spend a quiet afternoon on Lake Maggiore.
The beach is closed by a gate that leads directly to the former industrial area where once upon a time they produced lime. The area is blocked and access is prohibited because there are many structures crumbling, rusty irons and chasms in flooring and the area is privately owned. Here a group of guys, a few years ago, has worked hard to clean up the area and graffitare establishments degraded with positive messages praising the imagination, the magic of water and respect of  environment.
While the first section of beach is under the municipal maintenance and has a bar and kiosks nearby, the stretch where access is restricted is clearly devoid of all services and the enter is forbidden.
If you want to see other photos of the place, this is the link of  photos of Isella Bellotti

Other beaches in Castelveccana are Lido II and Lido Cinque Arcate, driving to Laveno

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