Beaches of Lake Maggiore between Laveno and Ispra

Description and photos of all the beaches that can be found between Ispra and Laveno going through Leggiuno, Monvalle, Besozzo and Brebbia.

The southern shores of Lake Maggiore, in the province of Varese, descend more slowly than the northern part; the beaches are usually sandy or grass, easy to reach by car, clean and equipped with parking lots, bars and restaurants. There is less current, which is why the water is not as clear as can be to the north, but now all the municipalities have imposed an obligation to the homes of the collecting sewer, and now many of the beaches that before were off limits for pollution, now have become bathing.

Beaches in Laveno Mombello:  photos and infos about Cerro e  Ceresolo

Beaches in Leggiuno: photos and infos about  Reno e Arolo



Spiagge a Monvalle e Besozzo: Gurée, Monvallina, Sabbie d’Oro e Bozza

Beach in Monvalle Gurée Beach: infos and photos

Beach in Ispra: infos and photos


Name Beach Bar Wc Shower Parking
Laveno – Il Fortino Pebbles  NO NO  NO NO
Laveno Sand NO  NO  NO NO
Cerro Sand and rocks SI  NO  NO SI
Ceresolo Sand NO  NO  NO NO
Arolo Sand / Grass YES YES YES YES
 Monvalle Gurée Sand / Grass YES YES  NO YES
 Brebbia – Sabbie d’Oro Sand NO  NO  NO YES
 Besozzo – Bozza Grass NO  NO NO YES
Ispra Sand / Grass YES YES YES YES


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