Flea markets in the province of Como

Flea markets in the province of Como, read more

Have you read about that Renoir bought for $ 7 at a flea market? the story is unbelievable, yet it is so. It may happen that there are people that discards  the old things giving it to the junk, without realizing that among them there would be objects of value. Who knows, maybe that belief bought for 300 € at the flea market, and lovingly cleaned and restored, it will eventually prove to be an investment! and then let’s throw in flea markets scattered throughout the countries of Insubria. Here are the ones Como, but we have also included on this page markets of Varese. Good shopping!

When Tipo di mercatino Dove
3rd sunday of the month except July and August Antiques Carimate (CO)
1st saturday of the month Antiques Como – piazza S. Fedele
2nd sunday of the month Antiques Magreglio (CO)
3rd sunday of the month  except July and August Antiques and craftwork S. Fermo della Battaglia (CO)

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