The lakeside promenade of Luino

The lakeside promenade of Luino stretches for about a kilometer and a half, and starts from Porto Nuovo, goes ahead Viale Dante and ends at the beach of Serenelle. 

The route allows you to see up close many of the places described by the writer luinese Piero Chiara . The walk also touches on Piazza Imbarcadero , which is the heart of the market of Luino, every Wednesday, from more than 500 years now . The Rondo is a semicircular area at the intersection of Viale Dante and Via Amendola , the road leading to the train station. A wrought iron railing , elegant in its floral shapes typically Liberty , was built in 1913 by firm Pozzi and designed by Morozio .
The years of Liberty were glorious years for Luino with the construction of the railway line to and from Milan and Bellinzona and tramway towards Varese , hotels and entertainment venues , there were promises to make Luino a top notch tourist destination.
Traces of the ” old glories ” there are in abundance, but nowadays Luino appears to have stabilized on a tourism primarily residential ,  with many foreigners , especially Germans and the Dutch, who have a second home here .
The walk continues by entering the Parco a Lago.
Since some years , the promenade is the subject of a decidedly modern redevelopment by the city administration, which will have the honor to give back to the residents and tourists a wide green and shadowy area, moving the parking areas outside the center.
The large park runs parallel to the Church of the Carmine and the historic mansions in Art Nouveau style of Viale Dante, ending near the boathouse sailing club AVAV.
The designer Enrico Marforio has created elements of street furniture that are beautiful and useful at the same time: grassy and tree shaded gradonate. benches, playground and splashing fountains that will appeal especially to children.
But let’s continue on our walk . After passing the former villa Hussy and the former Hotel Simplon we can see the monument of Garibaldi, made ​​by Puttinati , one neoclassical sculptor much in vogue in the mid-nineteenth century. Luino was the first commune in Italy to erect a monument in honor of Joseph Garibaldi. Then we arrive in front of Palazzo Verbania.  The building, designed by architect Petrolo , once was called Kursaal and was a party room with large windows and a sumptuous deck overlooking the lake .
At the junction there is the Chiesa di San Giuseppe( 1665-66 ) designed by G.Quadrio , chief architect of the Fabbrica del Duomo in Milan. The church was once the chapel of the Crivelli family , owners of all the elegant nineteenth-century building , now home to the banks.
In the rectangle of Piazza della Libertà, or Piazza dell’Imbarcadero , four monumental granite columns stand out at one side, while in the other side there are the four columns of the porch of the historic Hotel Ancora.
Near the road there are Casa Rossi , with a sober and elegant facade of fifteenth century, and Mutti House ,with a facade of ancient origin but redesigned  during the nineteenth century .
A side of the wharf, a modern staircase descends into the lake by the glue between the lake and the square , where there is House Zanella ( Due Scale) where he lived Piero Chiara.
Beyond the Porto Vecchio with the pretty golden Madonnina , built on the model of the Cathedral of Milan , and passed under the arcades of the Bar Clerici , celebrated by Chiara else , the walk continues along the lake and still coming in another park, the away from the traffic thanks to a long and thick hedge . The straight path leads directly to the beach of Serenelle , equipped with canoes , showers and deck chairs for sunbathing.

Country walks/ Comune di Luino (VA)
Duration: about 1 h
Length: about 1,5 km
Difficulty: none

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