The protected area of Monte Sangiano and its trails

The Monte Sangiano is a very interesting place from the naturalistic point of view..

.. for the presence of dry meadows, petrifying springs with tufa formation , forests of chestnut and Turkey oak interesting as well (Turkey oak is a tree that makes acorns , the family of beech ) .

In the district there is only one untapped tourist cave, located south of Mount Sangiano, and a rock wall climbing. In this area there are several trails where you can walk and collect chestnuts, in autumn . Getting on top of the Picuz ( its distinctive rock outcrop ) is not difficult nor laborious : you can leave your car there and walk around and in just a few minutes walk up the slope leading to the summit, where there is also the Church of St. Clemente. From both places you can enjoy a splendid view over the bay of Laveno and the entire Lake Maggiore.

Around Picuz were born many legends , the most famous of which says that the cliff is all that remains of the pyre hanged to destroy the castle of a beautiful princess ” man-eater ” . The protagonist , the knight Janus with his faithful comrades, realizes the deadly deception of the woman and devises an effective plan to get rid of her: a huge bonfire that destroy not only the castle but even a piece of mountain!

Nature walk / Sangiano e Caravate (VA)
Duration: at will
Length: about 3 km
Difficulty: little (dirt patch, hill)
Price: free

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