Olive tree park and path in Gandria

In Gandria is a small corner of the Mediterranean, with the Park of Olives, the Olive tree path  and the Flowers path.

The southern exposure makes luxuriant growth of olive trees, myrtle, cypress and bay trees. The lawn is characterized by examples typical of the Mediterranean oregano, thyme, sage but also daffodils, tulips and daisies that make the incomparable view over the period of their flowering. A pleasant walk leading to the vineyard of the City of Lugano. Both the park and the vineyards are part of a generous donation to the City of Lugano by a German baroness. From the Park begins the trail of flowers leading to the upper area of ​​Castagnola from where you can enjoy a splendid view.

Park Informations
Open all year
Suggested period: From May to June
Entry to the park free
Dogs on leash
No Accessibility to bikes
No Playground
Restaurant / Bar: Yes, close

In the direction of Castagnola leads a walk of about 3 miles down the lake where a group of enthusiasts has restored the ancient olive cultivation, hence the name of the path. Specimens of ancient olive trees alternate with more recent species, with information panels in four languages ​​that clearly explain all the features of the plant and its cultivation techniques. Do not miss the visit of Olivo Carlin at the pier Gandria, a specimen of 10 meters in height and a trunk diameter of 45 centimeters.

Nature Walk | Gandria, Ticino
Walking Time trip: approximately 2 hours
Length: 3.5 km
Cost: 0 €

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