San Clemente in Sangiano, where once lived the hermits

The goal of an excursion on Monte Sangiano is the church of San Clemente, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Laveno .


To get there, you have to take a steep uphill walk of about 300 meters, where it has been recently installed a Via Crucis.

Where today is San Clemente , at one time there were two other churches, and perhaps even before a castle and a Roman settlement . This is the reason why the church has such an unusual shape: it consists of three sections merged . If we pay attention , the walls are not all equal, the facade is simple, hut , in the middle section there is a ladder and two walled doors , while in the terminal there is a semicircular apse relatively new (rebuilt in the Sixties on the basis of the original design of the plant) .

Indeed, it was a place of pilgrimage, place to bury and baptize, home of hermits … In a word .. a nice traffic!

Not surprisingly, in the past centuries, there were many quarrels between the pastors of Sangiano and those of Caravate, as they were contending for the rights, because Sangiano, with Leggiuno, belonged to Diocese of Milan, while Caravate belonged to Diocese of Como. Finally Cardinal Schuster (1880-1954) puts an end to discussions by founding documents that showed that historically the Church of San Clemente had always belonged to the Church of Leggiuno even if it’s in the boundaries of the City of Caravate .To visit the interior, you should contact the parish priest of Sangiano or the  Association ” Pro San Clemente ” that works for the preservation and maintenance of the church and its surroundings.

Nature Walk /Sangiano (VA)
Duration: about 2 h
Length:  1 km
Difficulty: little

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