The beaches of Lake Monate

Lake Monate is a great place for children, because of its clean and calm waters and the precious surveillance of the lifeguards.


Lake Monate develops alongside Lake Comabbio and Varese and is near Lake Maggiore. The municipalities that overlook this small lake are Cadrezzate, Travedona Monate, Comabbio and Osmaston. Its waters are very calm, no tributaries but only an emissary, Acquanegra the creek, which flows into Lake Maggiore near the Sabbie d’Oro Golden Sands)  of Monvalle.
Around this lake arise only housing developments and there have never been industries that have taken advantage of its waters, which is why they have always been clean.
In fact, almost all the area that surrounds the lake is privately owned, which is why the beaches which can be accessed are mostly private and therefore fee.
The only public access is at the Park of Cadrezzate, but here for reasons of public order (the close proximity to a cemetery) is forbidden to swim even if they are still available paddle boats and canoes.
Closed to shipping for motorboats allows you to continue to preserve this area from pollution and to enhance the environmental value: precisely in order to make the most of its natural characteristics, is studying a project to the feasibility of a SIC.
The beaches we visited are in Travedona Monate and Cadrezzate Cadrezzate at the park and at a private club. In addition to being safe for swimming and for children, you can rent boats with zero emissions and you can find many facilities like showers, locker rooms, barbecues and so on.

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