WWF Oasis Park Fontanili in Besnate

It’s a WWF oasis that preserves an important wetland , fed by spring waters .

The Oasis is located in the Parco del Ticino, which is working to preserve the plant species typical of the place trying to limit the development of the other ones.

The area was made ​​by Autostrade spa as environmental compensation as a result of the implementation of toll highways in the area of Gallarate , Cavaria and Besnate . There are numerous species of birds that may be encountered both in the woods in damp floor including the green woodpecker , great spotted woodpecker and the rare woodcock .
Also amphibians are numerous: newts , frogs , toads and emerald frog Lataste .  Among the mammals there are foxes, weasels , badgers, hares, and several species of mice and voles.

In the wetland were flooded ancient forests with alders and willows gray blacks , and deaf clubs dominated by reeds and marsh straws . Around the marsh develops a cycle path that is long  about two and a half miles with rest areas and educational panels to deepen the knowledge of the flora and fauna typical of the place.

The walk can be started from the square where there is the church of Premezzo in Piazza S. Antonino .

Nature Walk / Cavaria con Premezzo , Besnate (VA)
Duration : approximately 1 hour
Length: about 2.5 km
Elevation gain: 0

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