Porto Valtravaglia, here’s all the beaches for sunbathing

Porto Valtravaglia, here’s all the beaches for sunbathing

Porto Valtravaglia (VA) . Porto Valtravaglia among locals is known as the land of ” mezaràt ” , a dialect term for the “means mice,” ie bats .

According Dario Fo , this ” is a term that refers to people of Porto Valtravaglia who worked mainly at night , because they were glass blowers , fishermen and smugglers. Short, Porto Valtravaglia is a country where the bars and pubs do not close anything, did not even have doors , they did not have a main entrance .  I grew up there, in a country where there were people who came from all over Europe, from France , Germany, Spain, even from the East, each with a different technique glass-blowing . ” Now old factories are in disuse and in Porto remains a well preserved historical center, a nice walk on the lake, long beaches made ​​of pebbles or cobbles, typical mountain villages – Muceno , Domo , Musadino , Ligurno – with beautiful Romanesque churches in the plateau behind. In the video and the map we show all of the municipal beaches , with free access, where you can spend pleasant summer afternoons.
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  • Trigo – Montesole, Pebble
  • Giacumoo, Stones
  • Rivazzola e Tavella, Cement
  • Lido comunale (ai corti), Grass
  • Punta Molino, Grass, Gravel
  • Via Fornaci, Pebble – Not reported to the public – problems of accessibility

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