Skating Rinks Ice in Varese, Como and Ticino

Skating Rinks Ice in Varese, Como and Ticino

Skating Rinks Ice in Varese, Como and Ticino: address and telephone numbers

In winter, when it is very cold, many of the small lakes in Insubria freeze to become spectacular skating rinks, at first only for the brave, and then gradually also for the fearful, once they got courage after having seen the others.  The magic of light slid over a white sheet and compact is undeniable and attracts everyone, young and old. A few years ago, the mercury has dropped several degrees below zero so as to reduce even a good portion of Lake Varese to a perfect surface on which to skate and play hockey!
For those who do not resign themselves to temperature and wants to experience the fun of skating with their children, here’s a handy table which shows the main tracks for ice skating in the province of Varese, Como and Ticino. There are both those covered and those provisionally settled in the city centers, the choice is yours!  We suggest you telephone for information on times and prices.

Varese and province

Varese Centro Commerciale Le Corti tel. 0332 289678
Gavirate Centro Commerciale Campo dei Fiori tel. 0332 756800
Palaghiaccio Varese tel. 0332 241300
Legnano centro Ufficio Sport del Comune: 0331/471329
Como and province

Stadio del ghiaccio di Como Casate Tel: 031.505118
Como centro

Lugano CH Piste della Resega tel, 0041 58 866 68 30
Pista Valascia – Ambrì CH Tel.  0041 0900 54 44 44
Pista San Martino Prato-Sornico Tel. 0041 91 755 12 18
Pista ghiaccio Chiasso Tel. 0041 91 695 09 11
Pista Siberia Ascona Tel. 0041 91 791 32 22
Pista ghiaccio Biasca Tel. 0041 91 862 32 06
Pista Ghiaccio Campra Tel. 0041 91 872 22 78
Centro sportivo Bellinzona pista pattinaggio coperta Tel. 0041 91 826 16 65
Pattinaggio Soladino a Riveo Tel. 0041 91 754 17 19
Pista Ghiaccio Sonogno: Tel. 0041 91 746 17 27
Locarno on ice until 6 January 2014