Dry grassland in Val Busegia (Cittiglio – Vararo)

Dry grassland in Val Busegia (Cittiglio – Vararo)

In Vararo near Laveno Mombello and Valcuvia, there is a special habitat protected by European Union.

The progressive abandonment of the mountains, from World War II onwards , led to the disappearance of the meadows , exploited by farmers for farming and breeding , in favor of the woods. This phenomenon, if one side has allowed the return of deer also at lower altitudes , the other is putting a strain on the survival of pastures, where we can find the so-called ” dry grassland .”

The dry  grasslands on calcareous soils are very rich in plant and animal species very particular : in the province of Varese they can be found  on the flanks of Mount Sangiano and in Val Busegia ( Cittiglio – Vararo ) .

Here you will find flowers in much greater proportions than other fields (you can find the Eliantemo of the Apennines , the Betonica yellow and several species of garlic) and , where there are many flowers, there are also many bugs! Butterflies , grasshoppers and beetles in particular . Do not miss bats and several examples of insectivores ( shrews , moles , hedgehogs ) and have recently been spotted again deer and mouflon .

Nature Walk / Cittiglio fraction Vararo (VA)
Duration: approximately 2 hours round trip
Length: about 3.6 km
Elevation gain: 200 m