Who we are

Who we are

How are beautiful our places ?!
It started well, from this simple consideration made in front of a coffee machine, the project VARESEGUIDA.

Because we live in these places and see them all year, or almost, and we never get tired of admiring them. About the seasons very well characterized, that transfigure the landscape in many different ways.
Thanks to the many lakes, silent friends able to dye it blue the days more gray, and the Alpine foothills, as mothers caring, wrap our horizon never oppress. And then, here is the desire to know us first these places, but in a real way, by studying, walking and taking photos and videos to discover something new.
The result is before your eyes, this site grows day by day, and feeds of photos, videos, google maps, guides in PDF, links and, above all, a lot of information,  short but complete. We hope you enjoy it!

About us

Diana Agostinelli

Site Manager and Content Editor
(attenzione! [at] sostituisce la chiocciolina così amata dagli spammer 😉 )

Alessandro Bordin – photos

(attenzione! [at] sostituisce la chiocciolina così amata dagli spammer 😉 )


Jan Laurenz – music
Jan Laurenz is on Facebook.

VARESEGUIDA is growing thanks to the collaboration of:
Alessio Martinoli
Giuseppe Terziroli
Isella Bellotti
Elia Casella
… to join us Facebook or mail at redazione [at] vareseguida.com

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